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The Russia Independence Day is celebrated 12 June, and it is a large scale event in St Petersburg. There were a lot of different activities organized by the city government. Anastasia Travel took a great part in this and was responsible for free tours and quests for St Petersburgers and the guests of the city.

This year is rich in anniversaries, so they were the general theme of the events organized by Anastasia Travel. 250 years since the foundation of the Hermitage museum, 215 birthday of Pushkin, 70 years since the end of the Siege of Leningrad… All these and a lot of other anniversaries were mentioned on the tours.

The guests of the celebration who wished to check on their knowledge took part in different quests. They divided the history of St Petersburg into period, each one about 50 years long. There were the questions related to the époque of Peter I, 300 years ago, as well as to the recent Soviet history and even the imaginary future of the city. The tours and quests were led by the best and the most experienced guides of the city, and those who took part in them said afterwards that this is not just an interesting way to spend a holiday, but an important and educating event.

Anastasia Travel takes part in organization public holidays on the regular basis. It is very useful cooperation with the city government, and the people also benefit from it, as they get to know more about St Petersburg and its amazing culture and history.


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