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This year is the anniversary since the birth of Russian greatest poet Pushkin. He lived in St Petersburg for quite a long time, so his creative activity was very closely connected with the city. Anastasia Travel together with the city government organized group tours and quests for the guests of the celebration, and Pushkin, his life and poetry was the main theme of them.

There were 4 main topics of the quests and tours: “Pushkin and his friends”, “Pushkin and his muses”, “Three cards”, dedicated to his famous play “Queen of Spades” and “Onegin”, based on the most important poetical novel of Pushkin. The participants could check their knowledge of Pushkin’s biography, his relations with different people and his innumerous love stories, and also their familiarity with the most known creations.

The team of Anastasia Travel believes that the best expression of patriotism is to know your history and culture, and considers the events like this important for everyone. The large feedback which we received after the celebrations only proves it.



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