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Anastasia Travel Company - your guide in Russia

Professionalism and everyday work on each single detail of Your tour guarantee the highest level of services You are provided by Anastasia.Travel

Anastasia Davidova

CEO and Founder of Anastasia Travel Group

My name is Anastasia, and at the moment I am a CEO and Founder of Anastasia Travel Group. I started as a guide in St Petersburg, and went all the way to the head of my own company. I have been working in tourism for more than 10 years, welcoming visitors in the Northern Capital of Russia. I have discovered all the ins and outs of this work, and learned the smallest details of the incoming tourism in our city. Looking forward to compose one of the brightest tour experiences in your life and to implement the mission of our company: “Creating happiness and smiles during each moment of your tour”

Katherine Tishaninova

Director of Development Department

I graduated from the Voronezh State University with the degree in languages and translation. Then I started working in tourism as a tour leader, travelling with groups around Russia and other countries. I was taking travelers from the US, Australia and Canada to China, Mongolia, on the Trans-Siberian Railway, to lake Baikal, Moscow, towns of Golden Ring and St Petersburg. After 3 years of leading I decided to change my general occupation, but stay in tourism. So I took a course in guiding and became a licensed guide for St Petersburg and its suburbs. As I am fluent in English and Spanish, I was invited to Anastasia Travel Group to communicate with clients, when they were choosing and booking their tours. In Anastasia Travel Group I am always ready to answer all your questions and provide you with any information you request. I will be glad to create a tour for you or your clients according to your wishes and interests, and you can always expect my full attention for any issues that may arise.

Natalia Sokolova

Administrative Director

I always wanted to live in St Petersburg – one of the most beautiful and brilliant cities in the world. In my home town I studied philology; however, I worked in service for over 10 years. It was a great experience, as I have learned a lot about customer care. I understood that in the service sector the most important part is to satisfy the client. This also helped me to develop my organization skills, as this is the key point in arranging any kind of activities. I love travelling to different parts of the world and seeing various amazing places. Having visited a lot of countries and having been on a lot of tours I can say, that the best tour is the one which runs smoothly. It is extremely important for me that everything is well organized and any issues are sorted out straight away. Working for Anastasia Travel Group, I always make sure that the guests get to enjoy everything promised in their tour, and even more! My priority is to provide you with the kind of service, which gives you nothing to worry about and just make the most of your time in our wonderful city!

Our code of ethics:

  • Customer focused: Your wishes and interests are our priority. We are here for you - before, during and after Your tour. Our 24/7 Traveler's Hotline is always available from any telephone worldwide.
  • Value: Your satisfaction is our main goal. Quality is never compromised for quantity.
  • Honesty: No unpleasant surprises - You know what kind of service You will get for what rate.

Our Slogans

  • We are a Team You are served by the best from the best. We treat our staff like family members and expect them to treat our customers the same.
  • Strive for Excellence Our quality motto is "Check, check and re-check." Otherwise, it doesn't go out the door.
  • 100 % customer's satisfaction: We are willing to do whatever it takes to make you one hundred percent satisfied. We have put forth such an effort in that respect that word of mouth is now helping us grow exponentially.
  • Our answer is never "No", it's always "How".

Our team

We believe our guides are our greatest assets


Our team of guides are all highly experienced full-licensed professionals, who prove their guiding certificates every year by attending the guiding upgrading courses and passing professional degree exams.


We don't do "one size fits all", but rather tailor solutions to Your needs, focusing on Your wishes, ideas and interests.

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