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Shore excursions

Visa-free shore  tours is our major since 2003. Anastasia Travel had enough time to work out the tours, that guarantee the best solution of  the  St. Petersburg highlights, timing, transportation logistic and price for our guests’ shore excursions.  
Our guests are guaranteed to get the following:
  • Easy and smooth visa-free disembarking in St.Petersburg
  • Assistance while passing the passport control
  • Highly professional guide and transportation service right after your disembarking next to the ship
  • Personal manager assistance 24/7 before, during and after your trip
  • Prebooked and guaranteed easy entrance to the sights
  • Payment during the second day of your tour
  • Maximum flexibility and opportunity to change your itinerary during the tour, following your desires and weather conditions
  • Water support for the tour
  • Memory gifts
    You are welcome to:
  • Join up your own party and get a discount or go for free
  • Choose a private tour for your family
  • Create a unique themed tour of your dreams


IMPORTANT! NO VISA REQUIRED to join our Shore Excursions!

AnastasiaTravel is an officially registered tour operator in Russia, fully bonded and insured by International Standards. Under the law, every cruise visitor is allowed to enter the country for a period less than 72 hrs provided he/she is taking a tour with a licenced tour operator, which is included in the Federal Registry of Tour Operators of Russia, and is assigned a valid MBT Number (AnastasiaTravel Group MBT# 007766)
If your cruise line is trying to persuade you that you MUST have a visa, please contact us for details or visit or FAQ section. This is a fraud and there's NO VISA REQUIRED for cruise tours.


Our guarantees

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