Our team


Irina Svyaslova
Greetings, fellow cruisers!
Please accept my apologies for taking so long to post pictures from our cruise to the internet. It really was just more work than I had thought, and I had more things keeping me from finishing than I had anticipated. However, my photographs from every city on the 14 day itinerary, not just St. Petersburg, are now posted on my website, Tripfolio.com.
I copied Anastasia with this message also. Irina and Andrew did a fantastic job, and Anastasia herself made some key last minute decisions that made our trip go more smoothly. I hope they'll use us an references for future clients.
I hope you will enjoy the pictures, and that you all really enjoyed your entire trip. Although St. Petersburg was the highlight for us, we really found many things to like in every port. If any of you have pictures to share, I'd love to see them also.
Brian Kimsey
May 26th-27th, 2009